To stay ahead of the competition in an ever-changing world, it is a necessity to continuously optimise business processes and performance. Enabling improved customer engagement and increased efficiency, ultimately leading to additional turnover and profit. Many businesses implement software solutions that have been specifically designed and developed for your business processes. To ensure success, this requires expertise to understand your business processes, leading-edge technical knowledge and proven experience, in order to choose the most suitable development approach. 

Whether you are looking for software development skills to increase the capacity of your existing team or looking to outsource a project to a partner, Flewup have a model which can be tailored to meet your businesses requirements.


The effort and expertise that is invested in planning an engagement ultimately influences the outcomes of the project.  Our Consulting team provide targeted services to define your project covering business requirements, solution, resource requirements, project plan and overall financial investment. 

Quality Assurance Teams

Quality is at the heart of what we do and our Quality Assurance team help our clients release software that is fit for purpose avoiding expensive reworks and any financial impact of releasing defective software.

Extended Development Teams

Does your organisation have peaks and troughs in demand for software development? Do you find it difficult to attract and retain talent? Are you over reliant on contactors? These are some of the reasons why clients partner with us and adopt an Extended Development Team.

Project Based IT Outsourcing

If you have a project that you would like delivering by a trusted partner with an outstanding track record for delivering fit for purpose software on time and on budget, our Project Based IT Outsourcing service is right for you


Building brands people believe in.

We're a fully-integrated international network with the people, passion and expertise to create ideas that make an impact on your business.We bring fresh ideas and a stylish approach to produce successful brands.

Content Management Systems and webapps on cloud,

Flewup builds world-class online media through websites and portals to its clients using Content Management System (CMS) frameworks. Flewup's deployment of the client’s website seamlessly on a CMS has enabled them to easily and effortlessly manage their website. Flewup's fanatic support team facilitates its clients in managing complex website updates, development of new modules, plugins and themes, deployment over the cloud or hosting service, and end-to-end support to its clients.

Robotics and AI

Research in Robotics and AI

Helping you develop the robotic applications of the future
Get the robotic platform you need to boost your project, and use our engineering services to have the right tools in your research. Tell us what you have in mind, we can develop the robot hardware or software you need. You can also team with us through collaborative projects to push robotics together.