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Service Robots To Assist Human Beings

Service Robots of All Types Promise to Disrupt Manual Processes Outside the FacilityProfessional service robots are a diverse group of industrial and commercial robots.

Customer service robots

Customer service robots are professional service robots intended to interact with customers. These robots come in humanoid and non-humanoid forms

Robots help the workers work more efficiently than before.

Today, they are already working in our everyday life and are affecting our life forever. We should be aware that the development and innovation in robots will change how we live forever. .

Robots are Ready To Assist Passengers At The Airport

By 2030, robots are expected to have replaced check-in processes.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Augmented Reality in Education

This brief presentation covers Constructivist learning theory and its alignment with augmented reality. Brief literature review is included to explain how learners may learn with AR, and several examples of our previous work are included to support the research findings and best practices when using AR for educational purposes.