Experiences help us develop a better perspective on life .

Every moment in our life is an experience. We can either choose to learn something from them or let them pass us by.

Over the past year I have made a conscious effort to:

Stay curious

See the good

The reason?

Experiences help us develop a better perspective on life and I believe it is our perspective that determines our future success.

When seeing the good and staying curious, it will challenge us to learn from each experience. We will grow in ways we never thought possible. Adopting this mentality while working on building the company "flewup" has enhanced my perspective.

Aliriza Abdul Gafoor
CEO-Flewup Technologies www.flewup.com 


Founder,Chairma & CEO

Aliriza Abdul Gafoor is the founder of our company and has been our chairman and chief executive officer since our inception.Mr.Aliriza has over a decade of experience in IT industry.With a long time passion for Entrepreneurship, Self development & Success, He started Flewup with the intention of educating and inspiring likeminded people all over the world to always strive for success no matter what their circumstances. .


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