InMoov is the first Open Source 3D printed life-size robot. Replicable on any 3D printer with a 12x12x12cm area, it is conceived as a development platform .

Gael Langevin is the man behind this robot. He is a French sculptor and designer. His workshop is located in Paris, and he has been working for the biggest brands for more than 25 years. 7 years ago, January 2012 he started getting into robotics. The InMoov robot was born as a prosthetic hand project after he bought his first 3D printer for his work. After he released it to the public as open source, the feedback from the community helped and motivated him to continue with the robot.

This way InMoov was born as the first open source 3D printed life-size robot. The idea behind the design of each piece is to be able to print it in a small 3D printer with a 12x12x12 cm printable area, conceived as a development platform for universities, laboratories, hobbyist and makers. This system, based on sharing through a community gives him the honor to be reproduced in countless projects throughout the world. An estimation made by Gael himself numbers the amount of InMoov robots being built across the world at about 150 at different stages of the process. The feedback also helps in order to improve already existing parts of the robot, by either suggesting the improvements on the official InMoov website ( or by going a step further and designing the parts themselves with the appropriate modifications.
The project itself it’s still an unfinished work, since Gael wants to finish the whole robot adding legs to it, and the ability to walk. This will be the trickiest part of the robot design and functioning. Gael himself didn’t know anything about robotics before starting with this project, he has been learning about it as he was working on this project. Before starting the InMoov, he had already designed some robotic parts although they were never really functional, but just aesthetic. In the designing of this robot he has gone a step further having to think about all the parts involved in giving it the functionality and movement he was looking for. As this is being written there are already 228 different pieces designed for the robot, and more to come. All of its functions are controlled using a software called MyRobotLab, a package developed by Greg Perry and the community.
All the downloadable parts from the official InMoov website are designed by Gael himself using and open source software called Blender. After finishing each part, is released under a License CC BY-NC 3.0 (Creative Commons attribution-non-commercial) so “InMoov” is a trademark. This design is based on a human figure to make sure it stays in the lines and shapes, although it’s a secret on whom is based