AI was once only the research subject of a select group of doctoral candidates, but now it has wide application for commercial, government agency and consumer use. For example, AI is used to create expert systems that are able to gather data, process it into information and make intelligent responses to stimuli. This technology has wide application in agriculture, military defense systems and health care surgical procedures. The area of robotics design and development uses AI technology to build machines for industrial entities that are able to work in places that are not suitable for humans like underwater at great depths or in outer space. Consumers also benefit from AI technology when they want to learn a foreign language without employing a human tutor. Voice recognition software enables foreign language students to practice their second language via computer and receive correction if words are mispronounced. AI is widely used in translation software that allows users to convert text from one language to another. Those who like computer games often benefit from contributions to the field of AI when they play online chess against a formidable digital opponent.