A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.And at flewup our dream is to pluck coconuts using smartphones an tablet computers.And finally flewro is the result of this dream.Flying Electronic Wonder Robots (FLEWRO) is a quadcopter drone robot (UAV) .The drone with robotic arms can pluck coconut or dates from their trees. The God’s Own Country, Kerala is blessed with nature’s best, with full of greeneries filled with trees, majority of it contributed by Kera Vrikshas (The Coconut palms).With improved living conditions and new opportunities, traditional way of plucking coconuts has almost vanished and if its available it’s become unbearably expensive. Many kinds of mechanisation is being introduced every day. Not all of them practical and affordable. In this juncture, we are presenting the “flewro” a flying robot to pluck coconuts that is affordable and easy to operate.
The drone can fly to the top of trees which are up to 200 metres and pluck the fruit. This drone can be controlled with mobile app. Camera attached to the drone will stream live visuals to the mobile app using Wi-Fi. The app is capable of recording the camera output shown on the screen to the mobiles memory. The drone can automatically stabilize its flight even during heavy wind with the help of the drone’s in built gyroscope and GPS. Once the drone (FLEWRO) reaches the top tree, the robotic arms starts working. One of the robotic arm tests whether the nut is ripe or not. When the test confirms that the coconut (or any other fruit) is ripe, it notifies the user through the mobile app. The users have option to confirm to pluck or not. When the confirmation to pluck is received from the user, the drone with its secondary arm fitted with sharp razors pluck the fruit. This process is continued until the drone receives order to come back home.