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world's best robotics and ai service providers with a decade of experiance and a award winning team with solution partners across the globe.Our robots are capable of working in vairety of scenarios such as Cafe, hotel, office etc.

01 From idea to product

Flewup Technologies supports the development of service robots, from feasibility study to prototyping, in a timely and cost-effective manner.

02A decade of experiance

Playing wit service robots has been our day-to-day activity for more than 15 years. From concept to execution, we put our expertise at your service.

03Award winning team

we have won 50 plus awards within 10 years.We are a team of futurists and innovators who are passionate about the business and its performance.

04Robot Enhancement

Our extensive experience in designing, programming and building service robots will help you get robots customized to your specific needs.

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Enabling the Next Generation of Robotics

Robot customization

We develop,customize, produce and sell professional service robots primarily in hospitality, healthcare and education sectors with the help of our partners worldwide.

Changing your idea of what robots can do

Research and development

We believe that robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) is a transformational technological development with the potential to disrupt a range of industries over the coming decades. To further

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walker robot

Customer Service Robots

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

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Customer Service Robots

Customer Service Robots

Customer Service Robots

Our Services

Purchase Robots

Our wide-range of Robots are for sale. Talk to us, we will find what’s best for you and your company.

Starting at $400

Design Robots

We design affordable,practical, autonomous robots to solve real industry problems.

Starting at $60 / hour

Leasing Robots

Our wide-range of Robots are for daily or monthly rental as well. More suitable for events and programs your company may have over a short period of time.

Starting at $50 / hour

AI Integration

Our team at Flewup goes the extra distance by integrating our Robot’s Software and Hardware to suit your company’s wants and needs.

Starting at $90 / hour

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